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Using PowerPoint to communicate your message

I’m sure everyone has seen many bad presentations in their career, but the key is having the ability to recognize that they are bad presentations.

How you communicate your customer listening information is crucial in getting people to not only understand what you are delivering to them, but for them to buy into it as well. If they don’t understand your concept, they will not support it, and all of your hard work will be lost.

Spend a little extra time on developing the presentation, and consult a designer if you need to. Taking this extra step will help you in getting your company to understand why it should be building customer loyalty.

I encourage you to read Dan McCormick’s blog post "Are you killing your presentations?," which gives some guidance on avoiding some of the pitfalls of bad presentation design.

And for a little entertainment, view comedian Don McMillan‘s routine about bad PowerPoint practices entitled "Life after Death by PowerPoint."

Jeff Wiggington
Marketing Communications

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