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Welcome to the new blog on “Listening to Customers”


My name is Jane Gehlhausen.  Along with four of my co-workers, Michelle Norman, Krista Roseberry, Chris Sego, and Pam Toft, we will try to provide insights around the value of "Listening to Customers".

In light of the recent Valentine’s Day, our blog team could have also been named, "Love your Customers".  Do you hold sentiment towards your customers?  We hope so!  Customers are always receptive to the opportunity to feel appreciated and valued. Genuinely listening to your customers, shows that you value and appreciate their business, which adds a behavioral dimension to your sentiment.

Customers are one of your most valuable assets to your organization’s success. Customers who use the products you make or the services you provide often hold the next key insight or breakthrough idea for your company. Without listening to and obtaining their feedback, both positive and constructive, you are missing critical insights to enhance the products and services you provide. As we post our remarks and our experiences we hope insights from "listening to customers" can help you drive your business success.

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Happy reading!

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