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What Does Substantial Impact Mean To You?

One of our goals at Walker is for all of our clients to agree that their Customer Experience initiative is having substantial impact on their business.

So, what is substantial impact?  The dictionary definition of substantial is: of considerable importance, size, or worth; real and tangible rather than imaginary.  Key words here: important, real, and tangible.  Substantial impact, then, may be having an important effect on your business that is real and can be measured.

Then, what does substantial impact look like? I can think of a lot of examples:

  • Additional training is provided to customer service staff in an area customers noted as needed
  • A delivery tracking tool is developed to give customers a better idea of when their deliveries will arrive
  • A billing policy noted as a pain point by customers is adjusted to be more customer-friendly
  • Customer metrics become just as widely reported and tracked as financial and operational ones
  • Customer comments and input are made available to all employees to use in their day-to-day work

The real and tangible examples of improvements being made in our businesses based on what is important to customers are endless.  Tell us: what does substantial impact mean to you?



About the Author

Lauri Jones

Lauri Jones

As a vice president, Jones works with clients and the rest of the Walker engagement team to help them actively use the results provided to drive improvements and integrate with other customer information to help with decision making. This includes participation in the front-end strategic assessment work as well working in the reporting phase to find and leverage cross-project findings that will provide additional insight and value to the client. She also conducts exploratory data analysis and uses data mining techniques to add value to our clients, as well as consulting with them to ensure they are using the information to its furthest extent.

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