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What lengths will you go to?

Have you heard of Beautiful Lengths? It’s a program that encourages people to grow, cut, and donate their hair to make wigs for women who have lost their hair from cancer treatments. Mind you, donating is not as simple as it sounds. You must grow pony tails of at least eight inches!

Last Friday a terrific story unfolded for this organization.

At Seton High School in Cincinnati, Ohio approximately 360 girls donated at least 8 inches of hair. This was the largest simultaneous hair cut in history for the Beautiful Lengths program.

Just about two-thirds of the girls in the school participated in the program! How did they get that type of involvement? Many of them had to plan for months to grow their hair out so they could get it cut on May 21st. They planned, stayed committed, and generated great results. I like stories where groups of people get motivated behind a cause. I think a certain energy captivates people and it becomes contagious.

In the same vein, I really admire committed customer advocates and strategists who do everything they can to create this type of energy in their organization so that customers are at the center of their strategies, their decisions, and their actions. Without a doubt, the results – in the form of business performance – will follow.

I’m not sure how long these links will be live, but click here and here for more about the event.

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