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World-Class Communication

Seven approaches that world-class companies use in communicating with customers.

  1. The Role of the CEO – To be the chief communicator and believer. Use capabilities such as video and social to showcase this communication.  It’s inexpensive and high impact.
  2. Walk the Talk – If you talk about being committed to customers, make certain your actions reinforce that.  This is what we heard, this is what we are doing about it, this is how it will impact you.
  3. Create Two-Way Dialogue – Be certain you are communicating back. Communicate with the audience in a format/medium that aligns with how they communicate. (Go where your customers are talking).
  4. Face-to-Face Communication – Customers want you to close the loop and to do it in a way that is personal.
  5. Having a Shared Plan of Communication – All employees should be aware and committed to the messages.  Use the Intranet as a source of Communication around the branded strategy.
  6. The Bad News/Good News Ratio – It is tempting to focus on what is working well; however, you should plan to share some of the less-than-stellar feedback – it will illustrate that you are listening and are intent on improving.
  7. Tailor the Content to the Audience – Consider who your intended audience is and what methods work best for them. Communication is a process, not an event –Communicate the what, why, and how, be timely, and make certain the message is relevant.

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