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Your customers are talking. Are you listening?

We’ve all seen those quick-hitter surveys that are automatically sent after interacting with a company:

  • “How was our service today?” Good, Fair, Poor. 
  • “How satisfied were you?” Satisfied, Dissatisfied.
  • “Did our product selection meet your needs?” Yes, No.

Having that general feedback from customers can be beneficial when trying to determine their overall feelings toward a company. However, this type of feedback is just that – general. Your customer thinks your company is “good.” So what? What exactly does “good” mean to them? How are you supposed to act on that?

One solution for this business problem is text analytics (TA). TA helps to provide context around the generic “good” or “dissatisfied” responses by consolidating unstructured customer feedback into an understandable, actionable format. Using this data provides another listening channel to help further understand the customer experience.

If you aren’t using TA in your business, you’re missing out on valuable feedback! Look for future blogs with advice about how to plan for and implement a successful TA program. Also see Three benefits of using text analytics for further reasons you should incorporate TA.

What are your thoughts on incorporating unstructured data into your customer experience program? Do you think textual feedback from customers is valuable?

About the Author

Amanda Wray

Amanda Wray

Amanda leads Walker’s text analytics initiative, helping to turn vast amounts of qualitative data into manageable, insightful results. She weaves together this valuable unstructured feedback with quantitative results to provide a robust, 360-degree view of the customer, partner, or employee. Text analytics can provide powerful results, and Amanda helps clients to realize that potential.

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