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Your customer experience *is* your brand

Companies who aren’t moving their brand activity and their customer experience activity closer together are setting a course for failure.

As catastrophic as this sounds, the convergence of brand and customer experience is taking up more space in business publications like Harvard Business Review, Fast Company and Inc. It’s here, it matters and it’s not going away. The proliferation of new roles (Chief Customer Officer, Chief Experience Officer) and the expansion of traditional CMO responsibilities are further evidence.

Brand is vital, and companies must be authentic and deliberate in presenting a set of promises and values to customers. These create expectations in the minds of customers about what it will be like to work with a company. Today, the promises made and the actual experience employees or technology delivers to the customer have to be in sync. The bigger any gap, the more quickly cumulative market experience redefines a company’s brand. Customers then broadcast their own stories about who and what a brand actually is.

And so, your CX becomes your brand.

Or as Marshall McLuhan, prophet of the information age, said, “the medium is the message.” What you do will carry more weight than what you say.

New Marketing, Customer Experience, and Brand Experience, quote from Brian SolisMy interest in the convergence of brand and CX sharpened while in a customer experience role at Gordon Food Service and serving as sponsor that brand’s refresh. The credibility of the brand shift depended on our ability to consistently bring to life the commitments we would make. So, we did two things. First, we educated the employee base, helping folks understand their role in delivering against the brand and reinforcing our story. Then, we pursued improvement and enhancement strategies to move us forward on those promises that were more aspirational.
[Side bar: it’s ok to stretch a little in your promises; just make sure you’re already on a committed path to uphold them.]

Virtuous Circle of Brand and Customer Experience

At the time, I was fortunate to work with some brand leaders who were keenly aware of the CX connection. Since then, I’ve seen a surge in the number of companies thinking about this virtuous (and sometimes vicious) circle of CX and brand. This past year, I worked with two companies on intentionally building bridges between brand values and customer experience or service principles. As a result, I’ve seen how collaborating from the start leads to better employee adoption of values and ‘the right’ customer experiences. And I’ve seen how this reinforces the brand, amplifies value and improves company performance – a benefit every company looks for.

To learn how you can help brand and CX get more closely aligned at your company, register for our March 27 webcast, Aligning Your Brand and CX. We’ll be joined by Peter Dixon, Chief Creative Officer at Prophet, an agency driving client growth through a focus on brand relevancy.

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Jennifer Batley

Jennifer provides executive-level leadership to key Walker clients, advising on CX transformation strategies and guiding initiatives aimed at creating advantage based on differentiated customer experience. By understanding needs and opportunities, she ensures her clients are optimizing customer insights to drive bottom-line results and value in alignment with their core strategies, business objectives and brand promises. She collaborates with clients’ senior management to establish goals and success metrics that ensure mutually valuable relationships, and she leads internal Walker teams to deliver compelling outcomes and long-term partnerships. Jennifer also provides deployment consulting and facilitates presentations and workshops focused on communicating recommendations and supporting clients through development and execution of action plans. In addition to client responsibilities, Jennifer is engaged in thought leadership and solution development based on trends impacting CX practices and is currently focused on the intersection of brand promises with CX design and delivery.

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