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2 thoughts on “Execs Don’t Take Surveys

  1. Krista,

    At the outset, an excellent post and I for one could immediately connect with it. My personal experience has been that, as part of VoC, if you land up in front of a customer executive with a long list of questions and “on a scale of 0 to 10” mindset – you lost it straight away! Customers want to share experiences and those experience gravitate inside their brains more on the verbal side and less on the numeric!

    You just nailed it!

    One area where I beg to differ is “It’s unfiltered” and use of external resources. Using external resources for low tech mass market products may work, but certainly not for high tech complex products. Executives while sharing their experience have a tendency to go deep into the nuances / features of your product, which external interviewers may sometime struggle to fathom.
    How about having an internal resource well versed with your product, but at the same time not invested in the next sale. A true horizontal cutting across the company, not tied to any vertical line of business probably is a better choice!

    1. Hi Vijay, thank you for your comment and for sharing your perspective! I have seen it work to use internal resources in a couple cases if there is very strong executive sponsorship for the process. I think it requires a pretty big investment of time and good management of the process to ensure success. It takes quite a bit of time to adequately prepare, conduct and document detailed interview notes, and sometimes internal teams are unable to manage that on top of their day to day jobs. I also agree with you that a typical 3rd party interviewer could get in over their head during this type of conversation. For that reason, we recommend using senior level staff that have acquired a working knowledge of key terminology and can navigate the interview effectively, rather than going ‘question by question’. Product briefings, desk research and pre-calls with the account team can also go a very long way toward preparing a third-party for these interviews.

      Thanks again! Best of luck if you are running or considering launching a program like this.

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