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What customer expectation will have the greatest impact on your company?

One of the primary objectives of this research was to answer this question: What customer expectation will have the greatest impact in 2020? Through in-depth interviews and a quantitative survey, we asked over 400 business professionals, primarily customer experience leaders, to rank each of the following customer expectations in terms of their anticipated impact on the business.

  • Speed: expecting immediate resolution to requests and issues.
  • Interaction types: using more options to interact with your company, such as social media, online, mobile, etc.
  • Price pressures: continuing pressure to lower costs.
  • Personalization: expecting the company to have a deep understanding of individual needs and to tailor the experience accordingly.
  • Ease: expecting interactions to be simple and easy.
  • Proactive: expecting the company to anticipate future needs and bring new ideas.

Here’s what we heard. Three key customer expectations are likely to have the greatest impact in the future. These are personalization, speed and ease. In the report, Customers 2020: A Progress Report, we refer to these as The Big Three.

Future customer expectations

There are no surprises here. This rank is nearly identical to what we heard in the original Customers 2020 study.

Stay tuned for the next blogs, which will explore what companies are doing to prepare for the future. We will also drill into each of The Big Three.

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