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Reducing Friction to Deliver a Personalized Experience

A few months ago I was asked to contribute my point-of-view on a keynote address, and eventual Viewpoint for Leaders document, by EMC's Kevin Roche titled "Unlocking Customer Intimacy Through Big Data." My post is live on EMC's InFocus site, and you should definitely check it out! 

I was excited to provide my thoughts because Kevin Roche's perspective and approach fit perfectly into my philosophy on using data and analytics to make a difference. I will summarize what he said, but you should also go look at it for yourself here.

Here is the heart of Kevin Roche's message:

"I believe one of the greatest opportunities we have today is the ability to better understand customer needs, personalize the experience, and unlock customer intimacy. Although customer intimacy may look different from industry to industry or company to company, I believe all companies have the opportunity to use big data to enhance the customer experience and outcomes. At EMC, we have had great success doing this with a three-pronged approach:

  1. Invest in enabling technology that provides real-time, predictive analytics, including a company-wide data lake.
  2. Shift responsibility of data from IT to the line of businesses and design agile processes & governance to fully leverage insights.
  3. Focus on cultural psychology to empower internal teams to trust and act on big data to drive improved customer outcomes.

As I have thought through my POV on this message since I wrote it, I keep coming back to one key idea: Most organizations fail to effectively use data and analytics to personalize the customer experience because there is too much friction between the technology/data/analysis and customer-facing people tasked with delivering the experience.

This is the role of the agile processes & governance discussed above (#2). It is the oil, the lubricant that allows the machinery for unlocking customer intimacy through data to work effectively and efficiently. So read through Kevin's thoughts and my view on it, and then go create a well-lubricated system to turn your data into an personalized experience for your customers!


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Troy Powell

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