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Take a vacation from your CX program

A vacation can help you see more clearly when you returnYou know that feeling of fresh perspective that you have immediately after you return from a vacation?

Everything seems a bit clearer. Priorities are in focus and life is in perfect balance – even if just for a few days. At home, you zero in on the things that need to be done and do them. At work, you start fresh with your to-do lists and approach projects with fresh eyes.

What if you took a vacation from your customer experience program? When you came back, what would you see?
  • What parts of it are the most rewarding? Are there easy ways to leverage those strengths even more?
  • What parts are draining your energy – and may not be as valuable to your business stakeholders anyway?
  • How customer-focused, really, is your CX program? Could it be better?
  • How does corporate and functional leadership view your CX program? Does it align with their key needs, or has it temporarily lost touch?
  • What did you read or experience while you were away that made you view the role of CX differently?

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  Max Planck

These wise words come from the world of physics but can extend to so much more.  What if you invested half a day to reflect on your CX plans and roadmap right now? What would you change first?

If you’re interested in some new inspiration, consider these sources:

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Krista Roseberry

Krista Roseberry

If you are looking to do the same old thing, Krista is not the person to ask! Always seeking to take things to the next level, she is highly creative and often develops new and better ways to get things done. Her clients appreciate how she pushes the envelope to make CX more prominent and more impactful. Krista is a certified customer experience professional (CCXP) and joined Walker in 2000. Read more about Krista at

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