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The Importance of Simplicity

I am a huge Amazon fan – they have really simplified my life.  It is so easy to order any kind of product – from shoes and clothes to regular household items, I often find myself executing a “one-click” purchase.  What I love about this experience is that it is so easy.  And, since I am bombarded by daily situations that are not easy, I really appreciate this kind of simple interaction.

In my professional life, I often times find myself thinking about B-to-B interactions and wishing they were easier.  I am not alone.  In a recent B-to-B industry study, Walker found that more than three-quarters of customers indicate that their expectations of B-to-B companies are influenced by their experiences as consumers.  With statistics like this, it is not surprising that “ease of doing business” is a concept generating a lot of buzz in the B-to-B industry right now.

More and more, customers are demanding that conducting business with companies be made easier.  In our study, we found that the ease of working with a company ranks highly as a purchase consideration for customers.  However, only 57% of companies believe that their simplifications efforts are having a true impact on the customer experience.

We believe the time is now for B-to-B companies to focus on how common customer interactions can be simplified.  Successful companies stand to gain a competitive advantage by standing out among the pack of companies who are simple…just like Amazon.

You can learn more about Walker’s study of customer experiences in the B-to-B industry in our upcoming publication, The Value of Making it Easy, scheduled for release in early May.

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Melissa Meier

Melissa Meier

As vice president and strategic account manager, Meier serves as the senior client service contact for assigned customer feedback engagements, with an emphasis on industry knowledge, research expertise and creation of valuable insights. She plays an active role with clients from the program design stage through project implementation, and into post-project activities. She is especially focused on assisting clients in translating findings into meaningful conclusions, developing recommendations, and facilitating client organizations in pursing action plans that will have a favorable business impact.

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