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Infographic: Customer Expectations for Ease

Customers expect an effortless experience

It’s hard to believe the easy button has been around for more than 12 years. Introduced in August 2005, Staples set the expectation for ease as its competitive advantage – and the company was not alone.

With customers becoming more empowered and information about competitors just a click away, companies (particularly B-to-B) must invest to ensure minimal effort is involved in key phases of the journey.

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Infographic: Speed is of the Essence

Unlike the topic of personalization, it's hard to have a conversation with customer experience professionals and not talk about speed. Companies are being challenged daily to "hurry up." In the original Customers 2020 report, we predicted that immediate gratification won't be fast enough; backed up by our latest Customers 2020 research, this prediction couldn't be more true. Customers want companies who can resolve their issues and anticipate future challenges.

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Infographic: We expect a personalized experience

The initial title for this post was "Customers expect a personalized experience," but doesn't that sound like 'us versus them'? It sounds like customers want this, but I don't. The reality is, we all want to be treated like an individual. We want the companies we do business with to value us as a person, not a number. And, it doesn't just apply to customers. It's also about employees, partners, investors, our community, etc. It was no surprise to see that personalization rose to the top when we asked customer experience professionals which changing customer expectation will have the greatest impact on business in the future. In fact, it's the one expectation that is anticipated to grow the most between now and 2020.

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