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Jennifer Batley

Teamwork makes the dream work: Why the best CX leaders are collaborative, and how you can be too

The advantages of teamwork are widely heralded, so it’s no surprise that the underlying skill that makes teamwork work, collaboration, is one of the traits that the best CX leaders share. These leaders know that every team, every employee, every system and process plays a role in determining how customers experience a company. One person, or one group, won’t ever move the needle for an entire organization. But one CX Leader with a willingness and aptitude to collaborate? They can make anything happen.

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Kristina Kittle

5 Tips to Effective CX Communication

Communication is such a cliché topic. We know what we need to do to be good communicators, right? Tailor our messages for different audiences, be clear and concise, don’t pollute messages with filler words or unnecessary information. As CX leaders, we’re communicating about a topic that most, if not all, of our companies, executives and peers would agree is important.

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