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Patrick Gibbons

CX Storytelling – Bring the Right Attitude to Your Next Presentation

Just picture your audience in their underwear. This is common advice given to someone who is nervous about public speaking. Taking it a step further, it is said that Winston Churchill overcame his fear of speaking by picturing his audience naked. It may have worked for him, but I think it’s way too creepy. CX leaders typically deliver lots of presentations and how you show up makes a big difference. Without question, if you are fearful or anxious, it will limit your effectiveness in the way you present your material. However, this isn’t just about being confident. In fact, confidence can lead to the wrong attitude. Consider these two:

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Krista Roseberry

What I learned about CX by binge-watching the Olympics

I admit it. I am addicted to Olympic sports coverage. I’d like to tell you my favorite event but, truth be told, I am not that picky. Sometimes I find myself watching a sport that I didn’t even know existed!  There is something compelling about the risk and speed inherent in many of the sports, the narrow margin that separates the medal contenders and the years of dedication that these athletes have invested in their craft.

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