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Phil Bounsall

The Secret to Corporate Longevity—Tips for 2018

The average age of companies in the S&P 500 is down to 20 years

My great-grandfather lived to be older than most. He lived into his 96th year. And that’s how he would answer the question of his age. When he was 90 and someone asked him his age, he would respond with, “I am in my 91st year.” He was proud of his age, proud of his longevity.

I work for a company that is far older than most. Walker is in its 79th year. Walker has been led by the Walker family its entire existence. Walker is currently led by the third generation of Walkers and the fourth generation is now on board and playing increasingly important roles.

Few companies live this long.

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Patrick Gibbons

CX Trends – What’s changing (and what isn’t) in 2018

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time for the all-too-familiar projections for the coming year. It’s the time where everyone considers what the new year will hold and predicts trends that are worthy of attention. Walker’s December webcast focused on this as its theme but added an interesting twist. In addition to considering what’s changing, we equally emphasized what isn’t changing. The focus was primarily on B-to-B and this blog serves as a brief recap of the broadcast.

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Infographic: Customer Expectations for Ease

It's hard to believe the easy button has been around for more than 12 years. Introduced in August 2005, Staples set the expectation for ease as its competitive advantage - and the company was not alone. With customers becoming more empowered and information about competitors just a click away, companies (particularly B-to-B) must invest to ensure minimal effort is involved in key phases of the journey.

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