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Jack Walker

SPRINT: Launch a new service in 1 week…instead of 5 months

Week 1: Ten employees gather for a kickoff meeting set out to design a new internal process with the goal of ultimately improving the customer experience. The meeting is led by the organizer who gets limited engagement and participation from the other attendees. The topic is discussed broadly and action items are assigned to owners. The group agrees to meet up again in two weeks.

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Jennifer Batley

4 ways to walk the brand talk: aligning promises and experiences

In our recent CX Leader podcast episode, Don't let your brand make false promises, Steve Walker and I revisit the importance of aligning brand promises with actual customer experiences. We talk about what stuck with us from the webcast, make Peter Dixon's ears burn, and call out more evidence of how the momentum to align CX and brand continues to build. (We're looking at you and smiling, Janey Whiteside.) We also talk about some tangible ways that CX leaders can make sure customers are actually having experiences that walk the brand talk.  Tune in to the podcast for more on who's doing it well, and read on for some quick tips.

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Noah Grayson

Getting the Most out of Customer Journey Maps

A roadmap is only beneficial if it helps you get to where you want to go. If streets are omitted or mismarked, the map impedes your ability to reach your destination. In essence, it loses its value. The same principles apply to a customer journey map. When the journey map clearly represents the full experience customers have with your company, the route to targeted, customer-focused action is easier to navigate. In this way, the map’s potential to add value is significant.

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