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Noah Grayson

Getting the Most out of Customer Journey Maps

A roadmap is only beneficial if it helps you get to where you want to go. If streets are omitted or mismarked, the map impedes your ability to reach your destination. In essence, it loses its value. The same principles apply to a customer journey map. When the journey map clearly represents the full experience customers have with your company, the route to targeted, customer-focused action is easier to navigate. In this way, the map’s potential to add value is significant.

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Melissa Meier

Is your journey map all process and no emotion?

Journey mapping is an excellent tool that organizations can leverage to depict customer experience. The goal of journey mapping is to learn what customers care about the most – from initial product awareness, all the way through renewal or repurchase. A key component of building a journey map is using employees and internal teams to think like customers and detail out the important aspects of the customer journey. However, this exercise should not be 100% company-centric. In fact, without enough outside perspective – either from an objective facilitator or reliable voice of the customer—journey maps can easily become nothing more than process maps that document steps with little emotional insight into customer pain points, frustrations, gaps in service or moments of truth.

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