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Krista Roseberry

Customer Experience: What It Looks Like When It Works

Customer experience has come of age. It is now commonly accepted as a key differentiator right alongside product innovation, service and price. A lot has been written on the challenges and failures of CX. In this post, I focus on where CX works best with a goal of sharing a couple ideas that we can all use. Spoiler alert: it is a journey, not a destination. Also, it is probably going to get a little messy - and that's okay.

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Allison Grayson

Who Is Your CX Architect?

We all know that CX is so much more than deploying a customer satisfaction survey. However, many times an organization's journey to launch CX starts with just that. What we chose to measure is typically based on who has requested – or insisted – there needs to be a survey. Maybe it’s your support organization, maybe it’s your sales organization, or maybe it’s corporate quality. Where it originated typically colors what and how customer feedback is measured. …but, is that the best way?

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Noah Grayson

It’s Time to Be Intentional About Customer Listening

What is the single most important source of customer insight that an organization has? Is it the conversations salespeople have with customers? Perhaps it’s nested in the thousands of comments customers provide in surveys? Or maybe it’s from all the RFPs you receive that signal evolving market requirements. Having a hard time answering this question? Me too. Truth be told, the companies that are best at listening to their customers don’t rely on a single source. They leverage multiple listening posts to understand customer needs deeply. That doesn’t mean just because you’re deploying multiple surveys that you can check customer listening off your list. No, too many companies find themselves in situations where they are overburdening customers with requests for feedback because there is no centralized architecture to rationalize when, who and how they seek the customer's perspective.

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