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Diane Skirvin

CX: DIY or Bust?

Should you tackle your CX program yourself or bring in help? Self-service and DIY. It’s a growing expectation among all of us and more and more prominent in our everyday lives. It’s no different in CX, where self-service / DIY Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) platforms have become the norm. Many companies now have formal CX functions with adequate resources and expertise in order to manage and execute their own CX programs on their platform of choice and do so successfully, conducting a variety of VOC programs. A lot of benefits come from being able to DIY your CX program, including maintaining more control, having access to easy-to-use sophisticated technology and streamlining resources and costs.

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Melissa Meier

4 Steps to Designing a Listening Architecture

Those of us in the CX profession are lucky – our industry is hot. Why? Executives are increasingly choosing to embrace customer experience as a way they intend to differentiate in the marketplace. CX pros must lead the charge to bring a deep understanding of customers into their organizations to guide strategic CX decisions that will enable this competitive advantage.

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Kitty Radcliff

We Can Be Are in Control of Our Destiny

The 6th Annual CX day celebration offers a good time to reflect on how our industry has and continues to evolve – and it is a reminder that we need to evolve with it. Some CX leaders are newer to the profession and are looking for practical advice on how to grow their skills and careers. Others may have more experience, but want to keep up with industry advancements. Either way, our involvement in CXPA provides opportunity for professional and career development.

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