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A Few Words of Encouragement

Recently, the topic of encouragement came up in a small group discussion – the question being “Why is it so difficult for some people to encourage each other?” The general sense being too often we don’t recognize the efforts and lengths people go to since they are “simply doing their job.”

You may have seen the video where two students at Purdue University,The Purdue Compliment Guys, show us it is not difficult to encourage others.  Last spring they gained national attention for standing on a prominent walkway at the center of campus every Wednesday and offering free compliments to hundreds of passersby. Their goal is simply to brighten people’s days.

Their praise might be surprising, but is definitely appreciated and makes people feel good:

As a customer advocate, you likely recognize the importance of motivating individuals to take action on customer feedback. It’s true some people are motivated by linking their personal success with customer success (through pay and other rewards). But, let’s not forget the importance of reinforcing or sharing positive messages to keep people motivated. Recognizing their efforts can go a long way in motivating for action.

You’re doing a great job!  And, I encourage you to offer a word of encouragement to your colleagues…

Kitty Radcliff
Vice President

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