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Are you engaging your users, or just feeding them information?

If you are just broadcasting your message to your users, you may want to adjust your tactics and try engaging them instead. You will get a much better response, and buy-in, if you open up your communications and engage your users in open discussions.

The advent of social media has brought an overall acceptance, and many expectations, for a continuing dialog that encourages two-way discussions. An engaged user would be more aware of your customer loyalty program and hopefully more energized in using the information and promoting the program to others.

What you know about customer listening can also be utilized with your users. Listen to your audience, don’t just feed them information that they may or may not want. Leslie Pagel wrote a good blog about engaging people on Twitter. She gives some good advice on how to engage your audience, which can also be used to share customer insights with your users.

Another way to engage your users is by creating a training program that not only teaches them about building customer loyalty, but is ongoing and continually reinforces the goals of having a customer strategy.  To learn more about creating an engaging training program, read Pat Gibbons’ blog Customer insight training – reality sets in.

Broadcasting is not as impactful as engaging users, people inherently want to feel like they are part of the conversation. Read more about broadcasting vs. engaging in this blog, Social Media case study: Broadcast vs. Engagement in forums.

Jeff Wiggington
Marketing Communications

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