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Are you paying more Taxes than you need to be?

I just recently finished reading The Speed of Trust (Stephen M. R. Covey), among many concepts he covers in the book, he writes about the “Trust Tax”. Taking the traditional business formula that Strategy times Execution equals Results (S x E = R) he adds the variable of trust into the mix. If it is a low-trust tax, it discounts the output. If it is high trust dividend, it multiplies it (S x E)T = R. This further states that if you have good strategy and good execution, you could still get derailed by low trust, or opposite that, high trust could serve as a multiplier paying a dividend.


Take this concept and associate it with your own organization. Are you taking the Trust factor into consideration? If so, are you reaping the rewards of a Trust dividend by capturing the voice of the customer and letting it impact how you evolve and grow your organization? Or are you paying a Trust tax by not having clear, concise communications with your customers; relationships that foster you to become a trusted advisor?

Michael Good
Vice President

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