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Changed Priorities Ahead

My husband took this picture on a recent trip to England.  The sign provides advance notice that the road has changed priorities ahead.  (Although I have to admit, even after 30 minutes of conversation with a local, we didn’t walk away with a solid understanding of the actual differences in road rules). 

Wouldn’t it be great if your customers had signs like that – giving you advance notice that their priorities will be changing? 

Consider how your Customer Listening efforts currently serve as that sign.  Are questions included to provide insight into what your clients are trying to achieve with your products and services?  Do you know what they value and what will increase the value your company provides to them?  Do you understand how important it is that your products and services will be available to them in the future?  Do you know which areas they want you to improve – and how?  Have they given a sense for how the share of business they do with you might change in the future?   Can you identify which accounts want to work more closely with you on joint development efforts? 

As a customer strategist, make sure you are getting that kind of information from your VoC efforts …  Ideally you have a sign providing a heads up to adjust your strategy or the customer experience to better meet the changing priorities ahead.

Kitty Radcliff
Vice President, Consulting Services


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Kitty Radcliff

Kitty Radcliff

As a vice president of consulting service, Radcliff serves as the senior client service contact for assigned customer feedback engagements, with an emphasis on industry knowledge, research expertise and creation of valuable insights. Her current portfolio of client relationships includes both international and domestic companies in the high-tech, manufacturing, and financial sectors. Kitty’s largest accounts involve global customer satisfaction/loyalty measurement programs with survey activity occurring via the web in several dozen countries around the globe.

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