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Communicating for Action – What’s Your Point?

Communication is critical for any Voice-of-the-Customer initiative.  Getting customers to participate, sharing information & insights, and making improvements in the customer experience – all require communication. 

Once you have defined the audience (see this blog), the next step is to craft the message.   Ideally the message will make your key point without overwhelming the audience with information. 

We recommend this simple, yet effective process to craft the message: 

  1. First, identify the single most important thing you want to convey. That’s the primary message.
  2. Then, think about any secondary messages that might be part of the communication. What are the other things – though not at as important, but still need to be mentioned?
  3. Lastly, refine your message. Think about whether the communication will prompt the action you want. Also, be sure you’re not covering too many points.  Edit as needed.

A carefully crafted message will communicate your key point and prompt action.    

Kitty Radcliff
Vice President, Consulting Services 

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