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Do you struggle with taking action on voice of the customer?

If so, you are not alone…over half of people that we have polled point to turning customer feedback into action plans as the biggest challenge they have with voice of the customer initiatives. This topic is so critical because the ultimate goal of asking customers what they think is to use that information at all levels in the organization to guide customer initiatives and build customer loyalty. Customers expect that you will listen and act on the feedback they have taken the time to provide. Ask yourself, where does your organization fall in the model below?

3 Stages to feedback

If you are like most, you have probably already identified some gaps in your organization as it relates to actioning customer feedback; we want to help you close those gaps!  Each week, this team will be sharing ideas and best practices as it relates to taking action with customer feedback. To facilitate this, we will be using the framework below as a way to isolate the essential areas that allow for successful implementation of action-taking strategies. 

Taking action diagram

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Vice President, Client Service
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