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Don’t Tune Out Your Customers

I recently had a very poor customer service experience at a local restaurant. I am usually laid back about these sorts of things, but in this particular instance I felt it necessary to speak to a manager about my concerns. Unfortunately, the manager heard me, but did nothing to compensate for the trouble that we had. He heard my story, and said “thanks” but offered up no solutions.

Is this situation any different than asking customers to provide feedback in a formal way, but then not acting upon it? It is not enough to just say “thanks” to customers who take the time to fill out a survey but then tune out their concerns. While acknowledgement of feedback is important, we must go beyond a thank you and translate feedback into action.

The impact of acting upon customer feedback is compelling: 

·         Increased revenue from relationships that are saved,  as well as new opportunities with happy customers

·         Strengthening customer relationships and cultivating more loyal customers

·         Increases in the numbers of customer willing to provide feedback in the future

In my situation, because I felt “tuned out” I will likely decrease the amount of business I give that restaurant and look for other alternatives. Is that the message that we want to be sending to our customers?

Melissa Meier
Vice President, Client Service

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