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Finding Time for Action

I don’t know about you, but it sure has been a busy first quarter! While I personally enjoy a fast-paced environment and like having my days filled with activity, the downside can be all of the different areas competing for my attention. I find myself constantly having to make choices about where my time gets spent. This can lead to tough choices regarding mission-critical vs. secondary priorities, as well as focusing on a good work / life balance.   I am certainly not alone and I know that this is something that all of us are faced with on a daily basis. Earlier this week, the White House hosted a “Forum on Workplace Flexibility” to address the challenge that Americans face when balancing the demands of jobs and families. If you are interested in reading more about this, click here.

So, how is this relevant to our roles as customer advocates? One of the most common challenges we hear from our clients is engaging their organizations to take action on customer feedback. Functional areas and customer facing teams often view VoC activities as just one more thing they need to do, on top of an already overwhelming to do list. We are competing for their time, and this is a competition that we are hard-pressed to win unless we demonstrate the value of taking action. Here are some ideas on how to align customer feedback and make it relevant within the organization:

  • Provide sales teams with opportunities to follow-up with customers who indicate they are likely to increase wallet share
  • Tell stories in the organization about success that that teams have had in growing revenue by taking action on customer feedback
  • Have an infrastructure in place that makes it easy for people to view customer feedback and document action plans
  • Tailor communication messages to make certain information is relevant to the recipient

The more we integrate VoC into the culture of our organizations, the harder it will be for people to push it further down their to do list.

Melissa Meier
Vice President, Client Service

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