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Four tips to align CX with your senior leaders

Customer experience professionals can benefit from understanding how their leaders view the impact and value of customer experience. Secure a strong connection to ensure that the full benefit of your work is realized. Here are a few ways:

  1. Speak their language. CX professionals must do more than report satisfaction scores and customer ratings. CX initiatives must be linked to key company indicators such as growth, profit and valuation.
  2. Align CX with corporate strategies. Every executive has key strategies they are pursuing. Show how CX aligns with (and can enhance the executive’s ability to implement) those strategies.
  3. Tie to innovation. Executives see product and service innovations as both a component of the customer experience and necessary for success. CX professionals can have an impact by looking for ways to collaborate with colleagues responsible for innovation.
  4. Leverage analytics. Every executive wants to be a step ahead of the competition, yet CEOs rated their use of analytics relatively low. CX professionals can excel by effectively leveraging the use of predictive analytics to help their company anticipate current and future needs of customers.

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