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Four tips to bring more attention to CX in your company

We all know that a company focused on CX will be more effective. However, what can you do in your role to bring more attention to CX? Here are a few tips:

  1. Engage in a comprehensive approach. Senior leaders see customer experience with a wide-angle lens – viewing the customer experience as a company-wide strategy encompassing innovation and people. Don’t be left behind discussing only Net Promoter and loyalty scores.
  2. Align with business strategy. Relevancy of CX initiatives to the company’s overall business strategy makes all the difference in leading successful CX programs. Design customer experience strategies that deliver ongoing impact that CEOs can’t help but notice.
  3. Boost your involvement. Do your homework to identify ways to be involved in planning and decision making across the organization. With a seat at the table, you can truly represent the customer perspective and help ensure the business is focused on initiatives that address customer needs.
  4. Accommodate innovation. Innovation is essential, and CEOs confirm it’s a key part of the customer experience. Continually ask yourself, “How am I serving innovation?” Focus on where your company is headed in terms of innovation and compare it to what you know about customer needs today and in the future. Define how customer intelligence can inform and support innovation strategies.

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