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Get Involved

Since the earthquake struck in Haiti last week, it has become so apparent of the need for people to mobilize and get involved.   My colleague Michael Good encouraged us to take action in his blog “You can do something.”  I would like to echo his encouragement to get involved. 

The news media has communicated the tremendous need for food, water, relief supplies, and medical treatment.  If, like me, you have been following the rescue efforts and response from organizations like the American Red Cross and ministries like Nehemiah Vision Ministries, then you have seen many examples of people taking action. 

These groups, along with many other nonprofit organizations, churches, and other organizations are responding to the disaster.  Fundraising efforts have raised hundreds of millions of dollars to provide the necessities.  Medical professionals are heading to Haiti to help people in need.  Many families have volunteered to bring Haitian orphans into their homes if they can get the children out of Haiti.  Groups are packaging food to send to Haiti.  Sports organizations are raising money at local sporting events.  There is a need; people want to help. 

What lessons can we take from this and apply to our efforts in managing customer relationships?  

  1. Recognize each associate in your organization can make a difference.  
  2. Be willing to accept help from others.
  3. Communicate your needs.
  4. Encourage team members to get involved. 

It will take a lot of time and effort for Haiti to recover from this disaster.  Thank goodness for all of the people and organizations who are getting involved and making a difference. 

Kitty Radcliff
Vice President

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