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Have you learned about your world today?

For most of us, the main focus of our knowledge is centered on our career and a hobby or two. We spend a majority of our effort learning all we can about our positions, and being an expert in our chosen career. While this is important, does a singular focus lend itself to us becoming better people? How much of what goes on around us are we missing? Maybe we need a little push to broaden our world. Take a step and try learning something new every day.

It really isn’t that difficult to do. The internet makes it easy. Here are a few suggestions to help get you going.

  • Subscribe to RSS feeds
    • Most major sites have RSS feeds. Subscribe to a few that aren’t specifically related to your work.
    • Keep up to date on current issues
  • Read more blogs
  • Attend events and museums in your city
    • Get out and see something different than your drive to and from work
  • Read books on diverse subject matters
    • Try Audible
    • Visit your local library
  • Research your clients and customers
    • Do you really have a good understanding of who your clients and customers are? What can you learn about them that will help put the voice of the customer into context?

Keep your life interesting and your mind sharp. Never stop learning.

Dan McCormick
Marketing Communications

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