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Holly – The customer-focused product manager

Top customer experience professionals know how to get things done. In particular, they know how to work through others to drive results. In a series of blog posts I’m taking a look at several personas representing key users of customer intelligence – their role, their needs, and tips on working with them.

Today’s post looks at Holly – a product manager. Customer insights helps her anticipate and exceed customer expectations.Holly - the product manager


There are many important people that indirectly effect the customer experience, and as product manager, Holly is one of them. Holly works behind the scenes to ensure her product stays on the technological edge, meets customer needs, is error free, and is continually growing in sales.


Holly has a wealth of information at her fingertips and a plethora of metrics that she tracks. However, her list of metrics may not include customer intelligence data – and that is a key ingredient to her success. Since Holly must make important product decisions in a timely manner she needs to understand the pulse of her customers at any time.


If Holly decides the customer information you are providing is not worthwhile, good luck getting her time, energy, or attention! The last thing she may need (or want) is another data point cluttering up her already chaotic reporting output. You can collaborate with her through these suggestions:

  • Supplement her current sources – Find a way to fit into her current measurement system. More often than not, an internal metric she tracks has a complementary customer-facing metric that is not currently being tracked.
  • Be proactive – Don’t make Holly learn a new tool or make her go somewhere to find information. Come to her with prepared deliverables that can be scheduled for future delivery and scaled to meet her needs.
  • Keep it simple – Make it simple and straightforward to understand. Start easy, don’t dissect the data every which way and present 40 different data points. Present one, track it over time, and align it with her metric.

Note: This is the fifth in a series of blogs looking at the key users of customer intelligence. The next blog will focus on corporate executives.


Patrick Gibbons


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Patrick Gibbons

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