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How does your logo make you feel?

There is an interesting article in Brandweek that made me think about another way the down economy is affecting us – logo creation. Yes, this is most likely a little lower on your list, then say, your child’s college education, but it could impact your customer listening program, nonetheless.

Apparently some major companies are changing their logos to become more upbeat, colorful, whimsical – you know, all around feel-good stuff. One of those companies, Kraft, just unveiled their new logo last week. (See this link for a slide show of their logo evolution. Did you feel a roller coaster of emotions?)

Obviously a lot more thought went into creating their logo than to just make it cuter so people who are upset about the economy will be made happy every time they buy some mac and cheese. However, it is interesting to think about the impact a more positive look of a logo can have on employees or customers.

At the very least, it can show you the impact that a logo change or revamp can have on its audience. Does your customer listening program’s logo evoke any emotion?

Brianne Drlich
Marketing Communications

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