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How Thank You Helps You

Thank You.  A lot has been made about the power of these two little words in the Walker blogs – like here where I talked about their power to shut things down.  Today, I’m blogging about them again, this time about their power to open things up.

A few weeks ago I noticed that a client of mine had just that day completed our customer survey.  (We used widgets to put this information on our intranet… if your company isn’t, ask for it!)  Curious to know what his feedback was, I used our Walker Link application to call up his survey summary and review his feedback.  But it’s what I did next that made the difference:  I sent him an email, simply thanking him for having taken the time to share his opinions with us, and letting him know that we would be coordinating follow-up with his group using his perspective in combination with those of his colleagues.

Because I was able to connect with him so quickly, his survey was fresh in his mind and he replied to my note by elaborating on the feedback he had provided in his survey.  This gave our team deeper insight and a better understanding of the circumstances influencing his evaluation, and has put us in a stronger position in terms of following up and developing our action plan.

I encourage everybody to put this lesson to the test – as your customers are being surveyed, be sure to recognize their participation quickly, and see what more that brings you.  Let your thank you help you make your relationships better!

(For more on the power of Thank You, check out this Walker blog, in which Pat Gibbons talks about how to engage by thanking.)

Jennifer Batley
VP, Strategic Accounts

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