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Is listening to your customers a part-time job?

The following statement was made during a recent conversation I was having with an organization:

“The Customer Experience program is only 20 percent of my job, and that goes for the two others on the team as well.”  


As the conversation went on, it was brought up how it’s difficult to prioritize managing the customer experience with “all the other things” on their plates.  

But it says right there on the home page of your website and scribed into the wall in the lobby of your headquarters that, “Taking care of our customers is our primary concern.”  How do you do this on a less than full-time basis?  Are you part-time managers of your customer experience?  Your customers don’t look at their time with you as part-time or full-time, they are either with you or they aren’t.  Is it fair to put a “part-time” effort into managing their voice?  

This got me thinking, do we have part-time players with our clients or are they fully vested into the customer experience?  As a quick-glance metric, I took a look at common job titles that exist with several of our clients, and needless to say, they are all in.  Below are a few of those titles.  If these titles all seem foreign to you, maybe it’s time you look around and possibly re-prioritize.  Give your customers’ voice some full time attention, you will be amazed at the rewards that it brings your organization.

Michael Good
Vice President

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