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Late Night Wars

There has been a lot of buzz the past week regarding NBC’s late night line-up and the drama associated with how to handle the failure of Jay Leno’s ill-fated 10:00 prime time slot. It’s hard to remember the days when NBC was on top and they owned “must-see TV.” A string of questionable decisions NBC has made regarding programming has allowed the other networks to catch up and surpass them. When it was announced last year that Jay Leno would be leaving The Tonight Show and get his own show airing at 10:00p.m. every night, many experts questioned the logic of this decision. It was a risky move to be sure, considering that NBC was giving up a time slot usually reserved for scripted dramas.

Now NBC is left dealing with how to deal with the repercussions of this decision. What will become of The Tonight Show? Will Conan agree to share the time slot with Leno? Given recent comments from O’Brien, it doesn’t sound likely.

One could argue that if NBC was more in touch with what their audiences were looking for, they might not be in this situation right now.   The situation at NBC is one that is well publicized and we are all aware of, but the same thing happens every day when businesses do not take the voice of the customer into account when making business decisions.   The best way to avoid this is to make certain that your organization has an integrated approach to collecting and acting upon the feedback your customers provide. Companies who put customers at the center of everything they do outperform those that have not developed effective ways of customer listening. 

Melissa Meier
Vice President, Client Service

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