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Making your customer program unique

Instead of thinking of your customer loyalty program as a survey and some research, make it fun and inviting. Brand your program so it is unique inside and outside your company. Use a theme and visuals to show your employees and customers that you value their input by making the program more inviting. Good visuals capture the attention and enthusiasm of people far better than just graphs and charts in a PowerPoint presentation.

"Discover The Customer" program themeBy using a theme around your program you can create a campaign that will not only attract attention around the program, but will also give you the opportunity to inject some fun into the corporate humdrum and bring fellow employees together to enjoy some camaraderie. The list of activities is practically limitless, and is open to your imagination. I have included an image of a proposed theme labeled “Discover The Customer,” which includes a map, tickets, and a compass. These items could be used for an office scavenger hunt, an amazing race type of game, an event where everyone can use tickets to bid on office perks, or integrate a customer focused activity into a charity drive to raise money for a local charity.

Create some variety in your activities with different themes and have something accessible throughout the year, but do something big once or twice a year to keep the program exciting. Keep your employees engaged and show them that they should care about your customer program and can be an active participant in the program.

Once you create some excitement internally, you can then carry some of these elements over into your external program. Show your customers that this is an ongoing effort that you are making their feedback part of the company culture and not just a sporadic survey to fix some problems or to raise profits.

Jeff Wiggington
Marketing Communications

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