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Marathons and Revenue Growth

Ever wonder what running a marathon and driving double-digit revenue growth with your strategic accounts have in common? Planning. It’s very unlikely you’re going to set your personal record in a marathon if you’ve not first determined what you need to do to achieve it. Likewise, not many strategic account managers just wake up and happen to fall into the big deal that changes the company forever. Both require developing and executing a plan. No doubt there are other important, common elements, but this is a big one.

After looking at both (marathon training plans and account plans) recently, here are a few observations on shared characteristics of effective plans.

·         A clearly defined goal

·         The plan is adaptable – one plan doesn’t work for every person or customer

·         Contains action plans – with agreement from everyone who will be impacted

·         Has a progress review process – reinforces accountability with your running partner or account team

·         Integrates with existing training – leverages the running you’ve been doing or sales training your firm already uses

Have any account planning tips that you would like to share?

Noah Grayson

Senior Vice President

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