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Ready… Set… Stop ???

Walker is participating in the local ISC Corporate Challenge this weekend, with events ranging from competitive runs to a team tug-of-war. Several colleagues and I have been training for the five mile competitive run. 

As the event approaches, it seems appropriate to ask myself:

  •  Am I ready? Yes! I have the right gear.
  • Am I set? Yes! I have trained to run at least five miles.
  • Will I go? Yes! I will be off and running when the gun goes off signaling the start of the race.

Why is it that despite all the planning and preparation, sometimes the team that is supposed to act on customer information does not move forward? 

Recently I met with an organization that had some tough questions in their quest to create customer value. Is their mission and strategy on track? Are they focused on the right things? Should they offer new services? Should they eliminate some services? We developed and implemented a customer listening program that answered these questions.

After all of their preparation, they should have been ready to take action. But they weren’t. Not really. 

When presented with the reality that some services were not as highly valued as anticipated, a few team members started redefining, recalibrating, and reworking the results. They are not ready to go forward and make changes. The team leaders had not anticipated resistance to change. It is a real barrier and they now need to regroup. 

Is your team ready to overcome potential challenges and barriers to acting on customer information?

Kitty Radcliff
Vice President 

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