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Seven myths about driving results

One of the most challenging aspects of any customer program is taking action on results. Here are seven myths that can get businesses distracted from driving the most effective business results:

  1. It’s a fad.  Customer experience is increasingly becoming more and more a part of how companies do – or should do – business.
  2. You need a huge team to pull off a CX program.  CX teams come in all shapes and sizes, and sit within many parts of an organization. 
  3. A CX focus has to come from the top-down. Having a CEO and leadership team that drives CX is ideal, but isn’t always the case.  You may have to identify some quick wins, measure the business impact, and then prove to your leaders why CX matters. 
  4. Technology can do it all for you.  Technology is a great enabler of CX programs. Use technology to disseminate information, gather insights, consolidate feedback, and to understand what customer input means. 
  5. Proving business impact should be easy to do – the results will speak for themselves. Proving the business impact of CX and the ROI of customer-focused initiatives is hard work.  It takes a lot of iterations, understanding of metrics, and time to make the story come together.  
  6. Focusing on customer success minimizes the drive for operational excellence and product innovations.  Utilize customer input to help with setting operational goals, and focus on bringing customers in to help product development efforts. 
  7. CX has to involve a survey.  Surveys still have their place, but don’t be afraid to lean on other types of feedback mechanisms to help gather insights.

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