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Seven ways senior leadership can advance CX strategy

Advancing your CX strategy is best accomplished through a partnership – grounded in active leadership on both sides – between CX professional and CEO. The ultimate ownership of customer experience resides with your CEO. Here are several ways CEOs play a role in advancing your CX Strategy:

  1. Use insights strategically. For CEOs, customer intelligence drives decision-making at key foundational levels. Fundamentally, customer-focused CEOs use customer insights broadly in ways that make a real difference for their customers and, by extension, their business.
  2. Set aside short-term financial gain. Usually, CEOs who are focused on customers are willing to set aside short-term financial gain for the longer-term benefit to customers. Knowing that positive, sustainable results won’t happen overnight, these leaders demonstrate patience and resist the urge to change course midstream
  3. Believe in the broader customer story. While CEOs are most likely to interact with a handful of top customers, these leaders know the full, true story is rarely anecdotal. Consequently, with objectivity and an open mind, they engage across the customer base, digging deeper to identify common issues, trends and needs.
  4. Coordinate across silos. CEOs play the ultimate role in creating and sustaining an environment in which collaboration among functional areas is encouraged. This is one of the most effective methods to break down silos.
  5. Encourage empathy for customers. When chief executives are focused on customers, they work to establish a culture that prioritizes the customer experience and puts customer needs first. CEOs cultivate empathy for customers among employees, which in turn motivates associates to be customer centric.
  6. Request information, advice. CEOs value customer insights, and those who are the most customer focused proactively seek it out. These CEOs are regularly requesting information, asking questions or seeking advice about how to improve customer relationships.
  7. Make the call on resources. If CEOs value the customer and can see how customer experience strategies have business impact, they’ll commit the resources necessary to develop and implement a customer experience that is proactive, personalized and seamless.

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