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Six best practices to help you elevate your CX program

We know today’s B-to-B customers expect more. They want business to be easy and they want personalized solutions. By embracing the following best practices, you can deliver on these expectations and deliver business outcomes:

  1. Make friends…and keep them. Engage and collaborate with colleagues to promote action. Leadership is required to inspire colleagues to engage in the right action and collaborate with departments and teams in every corner of the enterprise. A dedicated cross-functional team made up of subject matter experts is a requirement and keeps them engaged.
  2. The right tool can fix anything. Leverage the right intelligence to fuel action. Understanding the purpose of these tools helps ensure you have an ongoing stream of useful intelligence to launch new initiatives and refine existing ones.
  3. The whole picture provides a better view. Integrate data and insights to achieve the best result, bringing data and insights together – informs the customer experience.
  4. Be proactive with red flag rescue. Initiate alerts to build better relationships. In the world of CX an alert can also signal opportunity. Proactive alerting is an invaluable tool for restoring customer favor and reviving the customer experience.
  5. Savvy signals soften the noise. Adopt early warning to maximize opportunity. Walker TrendAlert™ is an early warning system that uses and analyzes data companies are already tracking to trigger alerts at a strategic level, in near-real time, while the issue is trending, so companies are able to proactively respond.
  6. Track action like a champ. Track initiatives to deliver accountability. CX professionals need effective tools to provide the vital connection from action planning to execution.

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