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Strategies to facilitate data integration

Customer information exists in nearly every functional area of today’s companies. Attempting to seek out, evaluate and integrate the relevant sources of customer information provides real value. Here are some strategies to integrate various sources of data:

  1. Set the stage for data integration. Start by building empathy for the customer internally and work to attain organizational alignment with customer needs. Employees who fully understand the customer experience are more likely to share data and collaborate on customer insight.
  2. Build your network. Customer experience professionals need to build a broad network of relationships. Be prepared to clarify objectives and share what is needed in order to deliver experiences that customers reward.
  3. Influence data governance. Customer experience professionals should influence data governance in the following ways:
    • Determine how the organization will define who is and who is not considered a customer.
    • Ensure the customer is at the center of the data structure.
    • Develop the system or process that will effectively deliver customer intelligence to meet the diverse and unique needs of the enterprise.
  4. Use technology. Create a dashboard to pull together and display the different courses of information.

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