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Technology accelerates the voice of the customer

I recently spoke with a customer experience professional who described their process for gathering customer feedback, analyzing the information, and sharing it with others in his company. They showed me their consolidated report – more than 100 PowerPoint slides! While his work was thorough, he admitted the process was overwhelming, painful, and time consuming, which meant taking action on customer feedback was seriously delayed.

It sounds like he is similar to 31% of those who provided input at the Forrester Customer Experience Forum and indicated their voice of the customer program was primarily a manual process. Here is how people responded when asked what best describes how technology tools are used their VoC program:

How Do You Use Technology?

Technology has become an essential ingredient to accelerate voice of the customer strategies. Here are four key roles of technology:

  • Technology to gather – collecting solicited and unsolicited customer insights using effective web-based tools.
  • Technology to integrate – connecting to internal systems such as CRM systems to ensure contact information is correct and customer insights are available in the systems people use every day.
  • Technology to manage – collecting and storing customer insights so they can be accessed and combined with other metrics – financial, operational, etc.
  • Technology to deliver – generating alerts, scorecards, and other reports in a manner that the right person gets the right information in a manner that they can quickly put it to use.

VoC strategies should prompt action and generate results. However, the impact is greatly reduced if the action is not immediate. Technology is the ingredient that can effectively accelerate activity, action, and results

This is part five of a series based on feedback collected from customer strategists at the Forrester Customer Experience Forum, June 21, 22 in New York. Other posts can be viewed here.

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