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The Four Fs of the Holiday Season

Here comes the holiday season. For most of us it brings about the annual reliving of our individual traditions. Those usually involve the four Fs–Family, Food, Fun and Faith. These also translate to our business lives.

Family. Our business family is comprised of our colleagues (ever heard anyone talk about their “work” spouse?). Our team is the most important asset that we have to serve our customers. The most effective opportunities we have to build loyalty with our customers are often times when a member of our team interacts with customers. Of course, these can also be opportunities to destroy or erode loyalty.

Food. What is the food that fuels our business? Customers. Nothing is more important to our businesses than our customers, the value we bring to them and the loyalty that they display to us. And customers that are truly loyal to our companies are much more likely to grow their spend with us, to recommend us to others, to be profitable customers and to repel competitive offers. Customers are the nourishment that our businesses need to grow and thrive.

Fun. Business is serious and so is our responsibility to shareholders. But many good things come from an environment that allows and utilizes fun. Fun breeds creativity and innovation. It relieves stress as we work hard to fulfill our missions. It brings our teams together and encourages strong collaboration, all in the quest of serving customers and growing the value of our businesses.

Faith. In our lives, our faith guides us and helps us to live our lives happily and within a certain set of moral codes. Faith within our business allows each of us to focus on our roles and specific responsibilities. We should have faith in our abilities to serve our customers. Faith that our leaders have established a solid game plan and strategy. Faith that our proven processes will create quality results. This faith allows each of us to "do our thing" and fulfill our responsibilities.

When Thanksgiving is over and the roasted turkey that turned into turkey tetrazzini and grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches is all gone, think about how thankful you are about your business and the livelihood that it provides. Think about the four Fs and how that impact your personal and work success. Be thankful for the customers that trust you to serve them.


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Phil Bounsall

Phil Bounsall

As president at Walker, Bounsall is focused on the development and execution of strategies and operating plans designed to enhance Walker’s position as a global leader in customer intelligence. Bounsall also works with Walker’s client service teams to help meet the needs of Walker’s clients.

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