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The Snuggie – Smart marketing or pop culture craze?

By now, I am sure everyone has seen the commercial for the Snuggie – you know, the blanket with sleeves that allows for people to have the freedom to: Read a book! Change the channel! Cuddle with your family! Roast marshmallows with your family! Without the annoyance of getting “stuck” in a blanket.

When I first saw the commercial I thought it was a joke. It looked like a Saturday Night Live skit. I mean, seeing the family clad in their Snuggies on the sidelines at a soccer game was comic gold. But, the more I saw the commercial (which was usually MULTIPLE times a day) the more I realized that this is not a joke. No joke indeed. These people are not playing around about the Snuggie.

Apparently, the Snuggie sales are through the roof. According to this report, more than 4,000,000 Snuggies have been sold since September, and have been back ordered for months. People really want a Snuggie. And, I have started seeing the Snuggie talked about everywhere – Good Morning America, the USA Today, the Ellen Show.

So, the question is – What is making this item such a success?

Obviously, it has something to do with the marketing. Let’s be honest, it’s a blanket with holes in it. You could make your own at home. I seriously doubt if I tried to peddle a blanket from home with two holes in it around my office, I wouldn’t have any takers. What is it about the Snuggie that makes people want to buy one?

In my opinion, I think that they created this and it is all they needed – Buzz. Take a look at the following points:

  • The name, Snuggie. When you think about it, it’s really pretty asinine. But, it’s catchy and definitely not forgettable.
  • The commercial. Let’s face it, the commercial is a joke. But, I think the fact that it is over-the-top bad makes it a winner. People love to make fun of it. I am not sure if the makers of Snuggie did this on purpose, but in any case they are taking advantage of this buzz.
  • The power of social media. There are more than 250 groups on Facebook, and hundreds of parodies of the commercial on YouTube. Whether people love it or hate it, they are a-buzzin’.

So, what does this mean in branding your customer loyalty programs? I think this goes to show you that a little bit of buzz can go a long way. What can you do in your customer program to create a little buzz?

Brianne Drlich
Marketing Communications

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