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Tips to effectively work with Sales

Sales needs timely customer insights that will help them focus on the issues that matter to existing customers and new prospects. They also can benefit from intelligence that will help them know which accounts show the most potential so that they don’t waste time focusing on accounts that aren’t going to buy. Here is how to effectively work with Sales Teams:

  • Make it actionable – Your customer intelligence initiative has to thoughtfully and purposefully consider the needs of the sales force. Traditional methods typically do not gather insights in a way that will be actionable.
  • Provide alerts – Build in triggers that can immediately notify them of issues to address or opportunities to pursue. This is a quick and easy way to deliver value.
  • Provide profiles – Help them be more efficient by profiling their target prospects to narrow in on the ones most likely to purchase. This will make them more effective and efficient.
  • Follow up – Touch base regularly to ensure the information is meeting their needs. Helping them close deals is one of the most direct ways do deliver value from your customer intelligence initiatives.

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