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Using social media as an effective communication tool

Did you hear that Amazon bought Zappos?

Or, more importantly, how did you hear that Amazon bought Zappos?

I first found out from a tweet  by Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, linking to his blog . Then, I watched a YouTube video made by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Next, I read a “liveblog”   satirical take on Bezos video.

All of this information and none of it included a press release or “traditional” article. These companies didn’t need to involve any press, and were able to say exactly what they wanted from their point of view, without any commentary or speculation from a third party.  

My point is this: these two companies really took advantage of social media tools. And, guess what? I imagine it cost them next to nothing. That is a powerful medium. Think about how you could use even one of these tools – YouTube (video), Twitter, or blogging – to get your customer loyalty program’s message out. Would it be powerful? Would it be inexpensive? Would it be easy?

Brianne Drlich
Marketing Communication Specialist



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