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What’s March Madness got to do with revenue growth?

As we head into Final Four weekend it got me thinking about the keys to winning basketball games. Being from Indianapolis, I couldn’t help but reflect on the Butler victories in my analysis. Here are a few factors I think make the difference between winning and losing.

1.       A strong defense

2.       Capitalizing on turnovers

3.       Balanced scoring

No team has scored 60 points against Butler in the NCAA tournament. You can win games with good defense. Against Syracuse, as it was with Murray State in the second round the difference was turnovers and Butler’s ability to score points off of those turnovers. Balanced scoring is another Butler strength. Five different players have led the team in scoring in the last 10 games, including defensive specialist Ronald Nored’s 15 against Murray State.

Ready for the transition from basketball to business? Here we go. I think these three lessons in basketball success relate well to consistently growing revenue year over year. Here is the thinking.

One way to grow revenue is to keep what you currently have. It’s hard to fill a leaky bucket. Keeping customers is like playing good defense. Defending your market position and the relationships you’ve worked hard to develop with your customers.

Another way to grow revenue is to take share from your competitors. Capitalizing on competitor’s vulnerabilities is one way to take share. Not too much of a stretch from capitalizing on turnovers in a basketball game, right?

How many championship caliber teams have only one player that can score? And how many companies consistently grow revenues by banking everything on one growth strategy? Not many. Luckily for Apple they didn’t bet everything on Apple TV. Companies that consistently grow revenues do so with a diversified portfolio of growth strategies. 

That’s enough analysis on the keys to victory. Time to play the game. Go Butler!

Noah Grayson

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