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What’s Your Mantra?

Most of us have little mantras or reminders that we use in a variety of ways. For example, when I play golf, over every shot I think to myself, “Hips first, arms follow.” It’s nothing special, but it works for me (Well, sort of; my handicap is still way too high!). I had a baseball coach who, when we were at bat, would say before each pitch, “Come on, give me a hit!” In fact, he said it with such regularity, that if he didn’t, I asked for the signs over again, thinking I had missed the bunt sign.

These mantras just act as reminders to do the right things. In business we do the same things. They might be in the form of tag lines or sayings that we use to remind each other about our mission or our competitive advantage.

Here are a few I have heard for strategic account managers that seem to resonate…

·         Be mission critical to your customers.

·         Are you as strategic to your customers as they are to you?

·         Serve all your customers like they are your neighbor.

·         Deliver each time like your relationship depends on it.

·         Surprise your customers, earn their loyalty.

Any other mantras or reminders that help you serve your accounts?


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Phil Bounsall

Phil Bounsall

As president at Walker, Bounsall is focused on the development and execution of strategies and operating plans designed to enhance Walker’s position as a global leader in customer intelligence. Bounsall also works with Walker’s client service teams to help meet the needs of Walker’s clients.

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