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You can do something…

I had every intention of writing a blog that had to do with growth and profitability and the best ways to take advantage of the services that are available today to assist your organization in that very fine balance of risk vs. profitability.  I wanted to talk about how important it is to view the profitability you have with your customers alongside the loyalty that your customers have with you.  I wanted to discuss the importance of these two metrics and how they, when combined, become exponentially more powerful.  I will dive into more of that next week and again in the future.


Today my message is simple and unrelated to the topics we think about every day.  My message today is about Haiti and the massive destruction, loss of human life and sheer devastation that has taken place in this already troubled, once beautiful place in the world. 


Please find a way to do something, whether that is through your church, your employer, your local community or simply via texting simple keywords to certain organizations to make a financial donation. 


I am not going to promote any specific method or venue, just that you do something.  Go to Google and type in “ways to help Haiti” if you are in need of ideas.


Thank you,

Michael Good

Vice President

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