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Infographic: Speed is of the Essence

Customers 2020 Unfiltered

Unlike the topic of personalization, it’s hard to have a conversation with customer experience professionals and not talk about speed. Companies are being challenged daily to “hurry up.” In the original Customers 2020 report, we predicted that immediate gratification won’t be fast enough; backed up by our latest Customers 2020 research, this prediction couldn’t be

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What customer expectation will have the greatest impact on your company?

Future customer expectations

One of the primary objectives of this research was to answer this question: What customer expectation will have the greatest impact in 2020? Through in-depth interviews and a quantitative survey, we asked over 400 business professionals, primarily customer experience leaders, to rank each of the following customer expectations in terms of their anticipated impact on

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Changing Customer Dynamics and the Consumption Gap

Through our interactions with customer experience (CX) professionals, our advisory group discussions and in-depth interviews, we found five business dynamics emerged to explore. Has the customer’s understanding of our products and services declined? Are customer interactions growing in complexity? Do customers spend less time using the products and services today? Do customers prefer more self-service

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Customers 2020 – The Research

Walker’s most recent Customers 2020 research was conducted in four phases, occurring mostly sequentially. Each phase had specific objectives based on the learning from the prior phase. Phase 1: Input from our research advisors. As mentioned previously, we involved six senior-level customer experience (CX) leaders to guide this research. We started with a group discussion

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